Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Girls are Home

Many of you have been following the progress of the Two Timor Girls surgery on my blog. Their story has been covered in our local new papers and TV. If you haven't here are some links to follow and catch up.

I am both delighted and sad to say the girls are now home. After one month here in Newcastle they are back to their home village of Halilulik, West Timor. It was wonderful to meet them, but sad to see them go. Unfortunately due to sudden changes of flight time they had to pack and leave suddenly right in the middle of their farewell party.....I didn't get a chance to say goodbye!!!! They made me this beautiful card which I think I will treasure forever.

While they were still in hospital I went to visit them and we had a card making night. They loved it so much, Lenny their interpreter told me they said..... 'We don't want to sleep tonight, we want to keep doing this' Oh girls after my own heart.......LOL. I was blown away by their talent.

What do you think!!!!!
Here is the inside with a photo!!!!

Here we are at John Hunter Hospital, children's ward having a card making session. One of the girls is standing at the end of the table, in her Australian T shirt we gave her as a good luck gift. She still has has tubes coming out everywhere but wasn't at all fazed. The other one wore out after one hour of solid card making. She had a few more complication after the surgery and as you can see in the picture, is as thin as can be!!!!

This is the photo inside the card taken a few days before they went home. The girls are sitting in the front row and behind them is their sisters (who also loved the card making). In the middle is Lenny their interpreter, who was so much more. She was so supportive and caring with each of them. They still have some swelling at their jaw, which is improving more each day. The dressing at their neck is covering their tracheostomy site. They are both amazing courageous young ladies who I was honored to helped. They endured so much and couldn't stop smiling.

Huge thank you to Kerrie Nichols who has been by their side the entire time. She has devoted so much time taking them to local sites, shoping, visiting them in hospital (almost every day) and just being the caring person she is.

Terima Kasih (thank You)

Thank you for all of your generosity!
Thank you for your support!
Thank you all for your kind donations!
Thank you all for finding a place in your hearts to help!
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  1. Hi Cassie,
    So amazing, now the girls can start their new life.