Monday, November 22, 2010

December daily 2009

Today I have pages 1 to 6 of my 2009 December daily to share. I will continue to post the other pages this week. I am really happy to hear some of you are already making your 2010 December daily. Mine should be finished next week, if I can find my mojo!!!!

If you are still a bit lost of ideas in creating your album. Have a look at what some of the other Ali Edwards fans have put together. Warning...............there is 174 Links.
Some of you are playing with the idea of using an old book. Some are keeping it simple and using a prepared album like this Making memories Album.
Another suggestion from a friend is Shimmelle Journal your Christmas. This is a online class including digital downloads for approx $35. The great thing about this class is once you participate you can do every other Journal your Christmas class at no extra cost.
What ever you do, Have FUN with it!
Cassie xoxo

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