Friday, November 5, 2010

Seventh Day of Christmas

Day Seven

Today I have another ornament to share with you. Some of you my recognise it from my Christmas Extravaganza Class I taught last year. I really love this ornament, especially how it is stored in it's own box.

I have been asked if I am running another Christmas Extravaganza workshop this year, sorry to say I am a bit short of time, but I would be happy to do any of these projects as a class or workshop for you and your friends. Contact me for more information.

Now back to the ornament. It is made from a retired DSP (sorry I can't think of the name right now) but i am sure you all have lot's of Christmas paper in your stash!!!! You can make it with two sheets of double sided paper.

This is my son holding it out of the box. It looks complicated but really is quite simple to make.

I want to acknowledge the original creator, Leanne Griff. She has put together a fantastic tutorial over on her blog on how to make the ornament and the box.

Thanks Leanne for the inspiration, you will see I have modified mine a little.

She has some amazing tutorials so have a look around her site while you are their.

oxox Cassie

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