Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twelth Day of Christmas

Day Twelve

This is my December daily 2009. It is an album that documents the month of December leading up to Christmas. I love everything about this project. I love the memories captured, I love the photos, I love the stories, I love watching my kids pick it up and laugh at funny thing they did last Christmas. They are only young once so I want to treasure every second of it.

This year will be my fourth December daily. I treasure everyone of them and can't wait to share each with you over the up coming weeks. All four are inspired by the very famous Ail Edwards. She is the master of this project and I can't really do it justice so I will link you to her web site where she explains the entire process.

Creating a December daily


Ali Edwards 2010 December daily


Two tutorials on album covers



I think this will be plenty of information to get you started.

My 2009 Album is a Donna Downey canvas album, given to me by a very beautiful friend Michelle. I have simply decorated it with felt, alphabet stickers and buttons. I love how simple the cover is. This project is not about learning fancy techniques or spending hours over you Christmas break putting pages together, it is a simple mix of photos and words to capture how magical Christmas can be. As Ali describes so well, one of the keys of success for this project is having the album structure completed in advance, so you can enjoy enjoy your Christmas break. It is not meant to be stressful. It is a fun was of documenting Christmas and celebrating along the way.

I hope this inspires you to have a go at this projest. I must admit I was a little intimidated by the work require at my first attempt in 2007. I had a 4 month old baby and 3 year old twins and my hubby had moved to sydney for work (two hours from home). But I am so glad I made the time, becuase every time I pick it up and read it my heart melts. I just LOVE it!!

I look forward to posting the pages from my 2009 December daily over the next week, and will reveal my 2010 album very soon.

Thanks everyone for following my 12 days of Christmas and for all the lovely feed back I have been given.

xoxo Cassie

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